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Members Beware

Members continue to report being targeted with a telephone scam involving buying a MoneyPack. An individual pretending to be from Aiken Electric calls and tells the member that their service will be disconnected unless payment is made right away. Even when the member says they paid, the scammer reports that the co-op billing system did not process their payment and they need to make another payment by purchasing a Money Pack, call the number provided by the scammer and give the receipt and access numbers. The scammer then has access to the Money Pack account and takes the money.

Aiken Electric NEVER asks members to buy a Money Pack and members ALWAYS receive several notices prior to disconnection. If you are contacted with a threat of disconnection and suspect it may be a scam, call the co- op to verify and, also, report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. Thank you.

You can make our voice stronger

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 is the deadline for public comment on the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s latest proposed power plant regulations. These new rules could increase your electricity bill.

Does the government realize that many families can’t afford higher energy bills? Apparently not -- but they certainly won't “get it” if consumers don’t speak out. It’s up to us to stand up and do something about it.

If you haven’t done so already, fill out the card in the middle of this publication or go on line to SC.TellEPA.com and sign our petition.

Proposed EPA regulations will dictate how cooperatives and other utilities generate power and how co-op members and other consumers use electricity for decades to come. The impacts from the regulation will vary significantly from state to state. Because of our particular mix of fuels used to power generation, the impact on South Carolina is expected to be significant.

EPA’s plan will also result in challenges to the reliability of the electric grid and stranded assets for co-ops in many cases that will have to be paid for by co-op members.

The cost of electricity directly impacts the quality of life in the communities served by electric cooperatives. American families and businesses will bear the brunt of this price increase.

Join our collective voices when you visit SC.TellEPA.com

Gary L. Stooksbury

Chief Executive Officer

We Need Your Email Address

We would like to try to communicate better with our membership when we have major storms or major events. To do this, we believe it would help if we could communicate with you via email as well as through our website and Facebook page. So, we ask that you click the link to the left, “receive email updates” and complete the registration page or send us your email address(es), along with your account name and service address, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can update our contact records. We will only use email communication during special situations or for important issues that may affect your service. As always, we will never share or sell your information. Our goal is to provide you the best member service possible, and we appreciate your partnership in that effort. Thank you.

Should the EPA have the power to make new rules and regulations that cause your electric bill to soar? We think not. Protect your pocketbook and join our petition: www.sc.tellepa.com